Why we are here

WeWorld is a network of actors, experts, activists, organisations from all over the world acting together to protect women worldwide and in particular in the Southern countries from sexual crimes: Rape, Harassment and Assaults and any kind of violence against women.  We aim together to stop rape, violence against women, to protect and to provide a safe world for all women and girls and to give justice for the victim. 

Our Cause

We aim to create a platform that connect all active individuals, entities, organisations to amplify and strengthen their actions towards the protection of women from Rape, Sexual harassment and to find collectively powerful collective solutions for safer and more just world for women and girls.

Our Mission

-To develop effective solutions to prevent and protect women and girls from rape, insecurity, sexual harassment and assaults and to support and give justice to the victims.
- To put an end to Rape, Violence of any kind towards women and girls.
-To provide shelter, and secure safe spaces for women and girls
-To provide medical assistance to women and girls victims of rape and sexual assault.
-To provide legal support for women and girls and their relatives for justice.



Anita Yadav - India

Anita has more than 14 years of sectoral experience in women empowerment through agriculture, livelihoods, and financial inclusion, gender. She worked with pioneers and reputed development sector organizations like- PRADAN, NABARD, BIRD, CIAE ICAR, CFMT&TI, GIZ, IRLI, UPSRLM, and RGCT. She is leading development projects successfully on economic and social inclusions agriculture, livelihood, and entrepreneurship development (DFID-PSIG and NABARD W-SHG projects).

Clotilda Andiensa - Cameroon

Clotilda is passionate about gender equality and development. She is improving young women's knowledge on human rights, reproductive health/youth and community development. She has 20 years of teaching experience with young adolescents in secondary schools and over five years of designing, coordinating and implementing projects in the area of school related gender based violence, ASRH and human rights.She is persistent and commits herself to translate her vision in to reality. She has confidence in her ability to meet challenges and difficult tasks.

Insaf Ben Othmane - Tunisia

Insaf works for better, more inclusive and safer world and in particular for women and girls. She use her design and managerial skills to develop projects, actions, programs and strategies to strengthen and empower vulnerable groups like women. She believes in the right of every women to move, work and live freely and without fears. Women and girls have the right to safe, secure living spaces, cities and infrastructure.

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